Who is Jessica Havenith?

Why Can I Trust Her?

As a Translator

Since childhood English was fascinating to me. I took every chance to ask my parents for more English vocabulary to learn and when I went to school, English became my favorite subject, resulting in A grades. Since I loved this language so much I decided to make it my profession. Languages are my forte – causing me to even learn new languages or expand my knowledge of already known topics during leisure time. I want to always be up to date with the newest words and trends to be able to translate even the most current texts for you.

Another nature of mine is, no matter which device or program I use I always set the language to English. I even watch videos in English and understand American and British slang as well as economic, financial and juristic terms.
Thus, when it comes to translating texts, I am an allrounder who’s able to help you with all kinds of topics.

As an Editor & Proofreader

Many people would call it a quirk. I call it a hobby: Searching for spelling mistakes. It’s such a big part of me that I can’t read a text without checking the spelling at the same time. Especially, when it comes to official texts or written by big companies, I think they should be correctly spelled. And when I find a mistake I triumph and think to myself: If I had spellchecked this text it would be correct.

It’s important to me that people understand, you can’t be good at everything. And if that’s the case that there are other people who like to help. So, those who want to make sure their texts sound well and are spelled correctly can rely on my skills and be sure that I will lend a hand to adjust the texts to your needs.

Another argument to hire a proofreader or editor is the fact that it’s almost impossible to proofread your own texts. Since your brain knows the text you have written, it expects the coming words to be correct and makes you overlook the mistake. That is why those who don’t know the text can find far more mistakes than the authors themselves.

But what about spellcheck-programs? They can be used but are not reliable. Those programs don’t see the meaning of the sentence, just the spelling mistakes like “broing”. A human can do a far more reliable job than machines in this case. Also often seen in newspaper articles which are often not proofread by people but by machines. Names are also a big problem when it comes to spellcheck, since names don’t always follow the rules other words do. Not a long time ago I read a news article about North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. However, the author misspelled the name. There was written “Kim Kong-un”. A proofreader would’ve noticed the mistake right away and changed it. The computer, however, missed it and so the article was printed.

(While writing this text I typed in “could of” as an example since it’s a very common mistake and the Word spellcheck didn’t mark it as wrong.)


How Does She Spend Her Leisure Time?

When work is done I spend time with many different hobbies. Here a short list:

  • Learning Languages (at the moment: Korean 한국어)
  • Playing the Guitar
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening to and Make Music
  • Painting and Crafting
  • Photography
  • Playing PC and Console Games
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Searching for Spelling Mistakes
  • Travelling
  • Watching Movies