27. March 2018

Spelling Mistakes – Not Just a Profession

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Sometimes, despite the large amount of work chores, and getting out of bed early, I just can’t fall asleep at night. Most people probably choose to just wait until they fall asleep or try reading a book.

What I do? I pick up my cell phone (Yes, I know that’s said to be unhealthy.) and open my eBay app. But not to shop there. No, I look for a low rated shop and read the negative ratings from customers. Since, as I found out, negative comments are usually packed with spelling mistakes. More than the positive ratings are. And sometimes when I see an amusing mistake I even take a screenshot to read it again whenever I want.

It might sound like a strange hobby, but I’m simply drawn towards spelling mistakes. They sometimes are just as entertaining to me as a good movie or book.

Of course, I sometimes grab a book and hope to be able to sleep, but it mostly makes me even more awake since I really want to know what’s going to happen next. Especially, since I mostly read crime thrillers.

Since a few days now I have a new app on my mobile which acts as a simple counter. Every time I come across a spelling mistake (like in catalogues, commercials or news) I tap the screen on my phone. This way the nice app counts the amount for me. As soon as I update the counter on my blog I reset the counter on the phone to start over again.

On an average I find 3 spelling mistakes a day. They are always different and from people or companies. Today, for example, I read a legal text to upskill. And even in this text, which was written by a lawyer, I found a common German mistake: Confusing “das” (the – article) and “dass” (that – condition). Time for another tap on my phone’s screen.

The month hasn’t ended yet and I’m already at 49 mistakes that I found. (But probably more since I just only got to download the app to help me track the mistakes.)

Jessica Havenith

Seit dem 11.03.2018 im Alltag gefundene deutsche Fehler, die mit meiner Hilfe hätten verhindert werden können.
Update: 14.02.2019

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